Snippets is a site both created by Wikidot and its community. This is a place where you can find (or add) code snippets that can be used when creating your own pages at Wikidot.com. Code snippets are an easy way to improve your own wiki sites and to make it more attractive and functional. Embedding media, both audio and video, adding spreadsheets, making eye-candy menus is as easy as never before.

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Highest Rated Snippets

Collapsible Text Block (Rating: 311, Comments: 38)

This solutions will show you how to make nice collapsible text blocks. What for? See the examples, you should know.

Foldable List (Rating: 200, Comments: 19)

Do you like a foldable list from My Account or Site Manager? Create your own!

Tabs (Rating: 149, Comments: 84)

This solution will show you how to create tabs.

Layout With Tables (Rating: 135, Comments: 91)

A nice way to add advanced layout control using the [[table]] tag. The example uses the style attribute for the whole table and particular cells to adjust layout.

Include Any Page (Rating: 106, Comments: 36)

Here is a way to include ANY page within your Wiki page using an [[iframe]] element.

Google Gadgets (Rating: 101, Comments: 27)

Google now offers tons of gadgets one can embed into web pages. The directory of gadgets is available at:

Automatic Sitemap (Rating: 98, Comments: 21)

It is quite important to have a nice and clean structure of the site. One of the best ways to do maintain such a structure is to use the "parent page" relation. This allows to:

  • display breadcrumb navigation element within pages
  • make nice sitemaps and listings

Adding A Site Logo (Rating: 95, Comments: 36)

This snippet lets you add a logo to the site by creating a custom CSS.

Extra Side Bar (Rating: 95, Comments: 8)

Creates an extra side-bar using the floating div element. It is quite easy if you know CSS.

Multicolumn Layout (Rating: 87, Comments: 26)

OK, so you want a multicolumn layout. Unfortunately there are no special wiki tags for multicolumn layout but the result can be easily achieved using the [[div]] tags and adding CSS style to it.

Recently Added Snippets

Cánh cổng không gian vô tận (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)

Mã vật thể

Sinfulman (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)

div#container-wrap {
background: url(http://scpsandboxcn.wdfiles.com/local--files/zzzzzachary/flame_bg.png) repeat-x;

Noble:A (Rating: 1, Comments: 1)

Noble:A is when you go and noble people

LINUX (Rating: 0, Comments: 1)

put description what kind of problem does the solution solve and how

Fake tags with links (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)

You can disguise the tags and include a link.

Colalt - Multiple Collapsibles (Rating: 6, Comments: 1)

Speaking of multiple collapsibles, there's Boyu12Boyu12's colmod.
I wanted to make a similar one, so I used the collapsible-block code to create multiple collapsibles.
The sooner you see it in action first, the better.


Colalt is colalt itself…

Tabla sobre puntos de Tecnicas de protección (Rating: 2, Comments: 3)

  • La seguridad informática es fundamental hoy en día en Internet para tener una mayor seguridad y privacidad a la hora de navegar.
  • Aqui podrás ver una tabla con unos puntos de información relacionada con seguridad informática, hackeos, vulnerabilidades de seguridad en diferentes portales y software

Falling Snowflakes Effect (Rating: 23, Comments: 7)

  • Put the code in any page you want the effect.
  • Or put it in the Sidebar to has the effect in all pages.
  • Code no need be inside HTML tags

Html5player (Rating: 21, Comments: 7)

Currently we only have a Flash-based option for audio and video inclusion. These snippets fix that by providing an HTML5-based alternative (which should really be the default by now).

Mail to all moderators (Rating: 4, Comments: 1)

I haven't found a solution so I don't know if this is the proper way to ask the question. Feel free to remove the page if not the appropriate way!

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