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In post Using attributes of the page itself from Feb '09 a question appeared regarding listing pages with any of the tags of the current page.

Not sure if the below idea comes even near to what was requested, but here you go …

In action

This page is tagged with: hidden listpages redirect tag tags. To see pages tagged with the same tags, click on one of the listed tags.

This is the Redirect module that redirects the browser directly to the "" page.


This makes use of the redirect concept discussed in post Default ListPages values with URL attributes from Jan '09).

Two problems have shown up:

  • When trying to hide the [[module Redirect ...]] code inside a [[collapsible show=" " hide=" "]] block, a left-over “-” shows. So instead, this code hides [[module Redirect ...]] inside a [[div style="display:none"]]
  • Surprisingly enough it seems that Wikidot removes “display:none” from a [[div style="..."]] specification; as a workaround this code uses [[div style="display : none"]] (note the inserted spaces)
[[module ListPages category="code" tag="_code:module-listpages-tags" tagTarget="code:module-listpages-tags/noredirect/true" limit="1"]]
This page is tagged with: %%tags%%.  To see pages tagged with the same tags, click on one of the listed tags.

[[module ListPages category="*" separate="no" tags="@URL" tagTarget="code:module-listpages-tags/noredirect/true" limit="30" perPage="30"]]
%%linked_title%%: %%tags%%

[!-- This redirect appends ...tags/(none) to the URL to avoid displaying untagged pages until the user has clicked a tag --]
[[div style="display : none"]]
[[module Redirect destination=""]]

Thanks to tsangk for this great snippet: conditional-blocks

text above inserted with:

[[include :snippets:if START |unique=1|type=equal|var1=%%name%%|var2=conditional-blocks]]
**##red|Thanks to tsangk for this great snippet:##** [[[code:conditional-blocks]]]
[[include :snippets:if END]]

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