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Item #: SCP-988

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-988 is contained within a 8x8x8 meter (316.14x316.14x316.14 inches) steel crate, packed with moving oxygen, currently situated in Site-19. No further information about the Containment Procedures at the time of documenting

Description: SCP-988 is a pen produced in Osaka, Japan. Measuring 14 CM (5.51181102 inches) long. The Ink being followed inside the fill tube is produced in turkey and has been proven harmful to the nerve system. After a test conducted by Marco. P (Research Scientist), a speaker was found in the exterior of the pen’s tip point.

This is the following interview conducted by Doctor Marco.P
Interviewer: Dr Marco.P Interviewee SCP-988 (Speaker)

Interviewer: “SCP-988, I have two questions for you. Who is behind that speaker, and why is the Ink venomous?”
Interviewee: “Ha, that’s a very useless question. I only have one answer for you - I’m a human.”
Interviewer: “Well, can you tell me what the heck is this!”
Interviewee : (No response)
Interviewer: “Hello?”

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