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Springnote a free online notebook application combining wiki, word processing and file organization interface for users to create information to share, store, organize and collaborate with others; ideas, projects, multimedia or documents on a personal or group notebook that can be viewed online. The information created is accessible for private or public use. Private notebooks can be customized, so that pages can be shared if the user wants to collaborate with others. Whereas group notebooks give the Administrator, the ability to allow group invited access for every member of the group. Thus enabling them to read, write and share the information allowing everyone to be informed.


Springnote provides a quick access to its two main tools. Personal or Group notebook with the introduction of its functionality, other tools on display are the Dashboard, users can view created notebooks, book settings and statistics and comments left by users.

Notebook Creation

The user can choose from different notebook types: Personal notebook and Group Notebook each containing different characteristics. Personal notebook provides a platform for individual use, just as an online organizer that is private or can be shared with others by creating customized pages for user to write or read with Springnote share.

Group Notebook Creation

Group notebook has the functionality for members of project groups to share, schedule and collaborate with targeted members of the same interest. To produce the best updated outcome, as a whole unit through the interaction of content sharing. The group member has the ability to send messages, invite and remove members. While having a privacy setting to just allow those group members to view nominated pages for review, submission or discussion.

These features are right at your finger tips allowing the user to quickly create customized pages with the provision of templates. These templates ensure the user is productive and always organized. Notebooks are organized through Bookmarks or Tags topics are displayed as a quick reference, and search for a topic is easily found with the applications search feature. The Editing features can be used to edit pages, provides page information, page navigation, and shows the position of that page that is been worked on, and it’s through the page hierarchy system that gives the user the ability to organize the pages on the note by drag and drop and thus creating sub pages.

Springnote application provides 2GB of free file stored to allow images and unlimited pages to created, only through the applications valuable feature. The “auto-saving” function saves the users work while working on them, and it’s through the “page revision” feature that collaboration can be tracked. This feature displays how many time pages have been edited and versions of each page, and who has gone through the pages and have made the changes.

All the above would not be possible without the Springnote backup system which sends a link to the user’s email. When notebooks have been deleted, the link enables the user to download the backup content, the only down fall is that backup is only valid for one week.


Springnote application allows users to create a system that can be used as an online organizer. This organizer with its multiple features gives the user not only the ability to take notes but create a collaborative productive tool. The product created gives the user the chance to get feedback on published information the feedback retrieved becomes valuable as the information can be analyzed and re-evaluated, every bit of information created enables user to achieve more as the user can use it in a personal basis with the use of monthly calendars, diet planners and weekly to do list, and as a group product the user can use the application to schedule appointments, to do list weekly or monthly, keep member profile, have a weekly or monthly planner, book list, vocabulary list, guest book , slide shows, with all these features springnote converts into not just a notebook application tool, but as a product that is used in the production of created pages to be shared, analyzed and managed as a promoted communication publication outlet.

The Springnote Application converts from an online organizer to an up-to-date engaging persuasive product. The Channeled projects and various tasks can also develop as social media to a target audience, by the administrator creating and managing of pages. Created pages when published can become commercial campaigns:, Springnote can be said to be a fusion between a notebook and a powerful form of advertising. The internet being the chosen vehicle of delivery of the message is the underlying element in the success of the number of audience members that can be targeted. In fact media has indicated that 91% of the population use social media. The administrator can quite easily achieve a good level of success in targeting certain markets, because it is the end user that ultimately makes the choice to review a published article.

A secondary benefit can be achieved through feedback of the published pages. All the information retrieved can then be analyzed by the administrator by the use of the Dashboard, comments made about the pages published can be used to gather statistical facts about the topic. There are no constraints to the re-evaluation of earlier published works, as it can then be published once again but this time used as a more effective marketing campaign by the integration of tools such as links, multimedia.

Specific Group Application

Springnote is the ultimate platform for group related projects. It provides a group the option to work together on a specific task while still affording each individual members of the group the ability to manage their own time contracts, No longer do group members have to be in the same location. Even time is not an impediment to the task progression. This is due to the work platform being online, accessibility a key factor 24 hours anywhere in the world. Members can have discussions that can be simultaneous or through leaving each other messages.
For this reason Springnote is a very good proposition in respect to business performance productivity is still in the hands of the user, as targets and outcomes can be monitored by individual members and groups alike. It goes without saying mention thus as a tool for academics it has been a revolutionary in the way people can notarize events or specific subjects, task or discussions and the main feature that is vital the tracking system, group members can display the input placed on a project.


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