origins of the universe

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The ancient Celtic faith believe in four forces involving the universe, these were fire and wind, and earth and water. The story of creation from the Celtic perspective involves four gods. Gods pf fire and wind and goddesses of water and earth. These forces are in constant disagreement with one another but were all equal in power, and that one could never win without the help of another – the gods are too stubborn to ever work together. Earth finally decided that it was time for peace, so she tried to force peace upon the others by combining some element from each to force together to show that peace could exist.

Using water she built the bodies of man, woman and animal, with wind she breathed breath into what she created. Using fire she fashioned a soul for every new being. Of herself she gave her new creation a place to belong, to live and grow. When the other forces recognised what was going on, they became angry and began fight yet again but this time with renewed passion. Rather than creating peace, Earth had reignited war that extended out eternally. The forces continue to be at war with each other and while they are there can never be true peace in the world.

The Celtic view of the origins of the universe teachers that there was only a limited amount of souls created. This means that one being must die before another can be born.


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