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BattlesquidBattlesquid 09 May 2017 15:31
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No thanks! Fun to spam though :D

tibasicdevsig3.png cforceuserbar.png
by BattlesquidBattlesquid, 09 May 2017 15:31
Yes, it is
CrimeraCrimera 01 May 2017 21:56
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Check under the "Advanced Use" header, there is a link to all of the chat's css, and the names of classes it uses.

Yes, it is by CrimeraCrimera, 01 May 2017 21:56
BattlesquidBattlesquid 01 May 2017 01:21
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Erm, not sure if anybody sees this, but…is this customizable with CSS?

tibasicdevsig3.png cforceuserbar.png
by BattlesquidBattlesquid, 01 May 2017 01:21
Nasran TapetNasran Tapet 17 Feb 2017 14:08
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Insert any HTML code, including widgets and video or audio players

by Nasran TapetNasran Tapet, 17 Feb 2017 14:08
McStarMcStar 18 Jan 2017 17:11
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Does't work. Show error, that Java brush not found and on the page I see ");" chars.

by McStarMcStar, 18 Jan 2017 17:11

Thank you very much.
As I talk with someone who wants to work out some different effects in his SCP Document, he doesn't know how to apply CSS Format or else, so do I. We have to find another solution for that. We tried to copy some HTML format from other author in SCP-CN site. But thank you for your reply anyway.
Wish you a happy new year.

Hello Greenson,

As you said I don't think the built-in collapsible blocks don't support nesting (one inside another).

I recall someone found a workaround to make it work, but I'm not sure where I saw that. It was a very long time ago.

There may be a way to adapt something found elsewhere online to Wikidot syntax, and make it work. As long as it relies on CSS, it should be possible to do. With a bootstrap theme / layout, jQuery solutions may also work.

Shane Smith
Web Developer and Wikidot Community Administrator
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As there's someone want to make a secondary collapsible block within an existed collapsible block, but he didn't know how to use CSS to achieve it and the default collapsible block just do not function.
Do you have any ideas about that?
Whether or not, thank you anyway.

JB BoykinJB Boykin 22 Nov 2016 20:09
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Hope this works well!

JB Boykin

by JB BoykinJB Boykin, 22 Nov 2016 20:09

I see, guess i should have taken the time to read the post.
Thanks anyway!

Re: Post by Doctor CymothoaDoctor Cymothoa, 25 Oct 2016 18:40
Re: Post
leigerleiger 25 Oct 2016 02:14
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The instructions on how to implement this are found on this page.

It works by creating a page in the chatbox category, which is why setting up auto-numbering on the category is essential.

Only users with access to the chatbox category will be able to post a message - but there is no comment limit.

It is unlikely that someone will 'break' the chat room - and even if something unexpected were to happen, it'd only affect that person (no-one else) and would be fixed by refreshing the page.

There would be no straight-forward way to limit the number of people that can 'join' the chat.

Shane Smith
Web Developer and Wikidot Community Administrator
Links: Wikimated, Editor (STE), Official Docs
WIKIMATED v2 Available Soon!

Re: Post by leigerleiger, 25 Oct 2016 02:14

Seeing as nobody has said anything here, i thought i might say something, i have a few questions:

  1. Do you need to install anything else (software, programs, etc.)?
  2. What are the limits of what you can do with this?
  3. Can you host/use this on any wikidot site?
  4. Is it possible to put a comment limit to prevent spam?
  5. Can you make it so that only a certain amount of people can join?
  6. If somebody spams the chat room will it break?

I'm really curious about more details on how this works.

Post by Doctor CymothoaDoctor Cymothoa, 24 Oct 2016 21:31

Doesn't the SCP wiki have its own version of this, too? i think it was this:

[[include component:image-block name=THE NAME OF YOUR IMAGE FILE| caption=THE TEXT YOU WANT SHOWN UNDERNEATH YOUR IMAGE| width=300px ]]

I'm not sure if it works or not, or at least, works as well as this does, but I would assume that it does, since it seems to work for most people, though i honestly prefer your version of the image box.

Question by Doctor CymothoaDoctor Cymothoa, 24 Oct 2016 21:06
ks-robertks-robert 20 Oct 2016 10:20
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by ks-robertks-robert, 20 Oct 2016 10:20

I cannot seethe collapsible block , wether on the sandbox template nor on your site..?
I found it:

Not sure why this is happening , need some time toi contrrol…

at the first look I think the "include text" (includes are always expanded in "code" blocks!) is making the text so long..
if you do not wish this you should insert a space before the "include text" line - shifting the include one character to the right.

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Re: Help! by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf, 10 Oct 2016 14:38

When I was making a tutorial on how to make a Personal Sandbox Template, I used this snippet to make the page shorter due to having code on the page too. Well I have come to problem when trying to list my latest post on my category start page.

I get this error:

First you need to create a template category called sandbox:_template. By doing this it will be default layout of the category. When you create the page insert the following content.


[[module CSS]]
@import url(%%form_raw{base}%%);

.show1{    display: none !important; }
.hide1{    display: block !important; }

.form-row.row-9{    max-height: %%form_data{advanced}%%000px; }

Well if you look on my site it will show the start tag for this snippet and the un-collapsed content.
How do I fix this so the start tag and the un-collapsed content don't show?
My site is

Help! by Joshua DarbyJoshua Darby, 09 Oct 2016 23:54

#header {
height: 100px;
#header h1 a span{
display: none;
#header h2 {
display: none;
#header h1 a,#header h1 a:hover{
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
background-image: url(/local—files/logo.jpg);
height: 90px;
width: 500px;
position: absolute;
top: 10px;
left: 20px;

oi by akiratoriyamaakiratoriyama, 08 Oct 2016 22:02

Is it possible to make a slider bar that opens up 2 seconds after it appears on screen? If so, I would appreciate it if you added it to this article.

unfortunately, Google stopped serving those goodies.

Maybe this snippets should be rested?



I think the core lessons are: be patient, don't give up, and always be learning.
(Thanks to Pieter Hintjens)

The default font-size is a bit to big for my taste… Is it possible to change it?

Fontsize? by herenzherenz, 18 Mar 2016 19:46
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