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Fancy HR Dividers (Rating: 15, Comments: 2)

This snippet will help you quickly generate horizontal rules that are much fancier than a single grey line. This could be used for embellishment or emphasized division.

Make Clock (Rating: 4, Comments: 0)

It same time on your phone :)

Fake tags with links (Rating: 3, Comments: 0)

You can disguise the tags and include a link.

MP3 Player (Rating: 49, Comments: 13)

[[note]] Flashplayer ended 2020! See here the new code in html5 to use![[/note]]

Collapsible Text Block (Rating: 316, Comments: 39)

This solutions will show you how to make nice collapsible text blocks. What for? See the examples, you should know.

Colalt - Multiple Collapsibles (Rating: 9, Comments: 3)

Speaking of multiple collapsibles, there's Boyu12Boyu12's colmod.
I wanted to make a similar one, so I used the collapsible-block code to create multiple collapsibles.
The sooner you see it in action first, the better.


Colalt is colalt itself…

Falling Snowflakes Effect (Rating: 25, Comments: 8)

  • Put the code in any page you want the effect.
  • Or put it in the Sidebar to has the effect in all pages.
  • Code no need be inside HTML tags

URL Title with Slash Redirect (Rating: 1, Comments: 10)

Allows _template or ListPages variables like title which can hold slashes (e.g. Show/Hide content from specific users) to be used in NewPage url:
e.g. content from specific users will change
to content from specific users will change

Html5player (Rating: 23, Comments: 7)

Currently we only have a Flash-based option for audio and video inclusion. These snippets fix that by providing an HTML5-based alternative (which should really be the default by now).

Mp3 and video player (Rating: 11, Comments: 25)

You may want to consider an easier way to do this: MP3, Video

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