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SCP-040-ID (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)

Object class:Safe dan Euclid

Click Counter (Rating: 0, Comments: 1)

It counts clicks

Thumbnail images with caption (Rating: 23, Comments: 9)

Would you like to have a ready-made, easy to use template for including placeable thumbnail images with a caption (similar to that seen on Wikipedia)? It is surprisingly easy to do, and can be used to great benefit on numerous pages.

MyBlogLog recent visitors (Rating: 6, Comments: 0)


Sorted-ListPages-List (Rating: 2, Comments: 3)

With this include of a little Link-List you can call at the top of a ListPages-Output (with standard-fields) all the posssible different orders of such a ListPage module output. Only the order="@URL" is neccessary and a little include statement to create a "selfcalling" list of the site and page.

Teachertube (Rating: 3, Comments: 3)


MP3 Player (Rating: 49, Comments: 13)


Include Any Page (Rating: 106, Comments: 38)

Here is a way to include ANY page within your Wiki page using an [[iframe]] element.

New Wikidot Twitter Widget..CSS3 Style! (Rating: 4, Comments: 12)


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