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URL Title with Slash Redirect (Rating: 1, Comments: 10)

Allows _template or ListPages variables like title which can hold slashes (e.g. Show/Hide content from specific users) to be used in NewPage url:
e.g. content from specific users will change
to content from specific users will change

Html5player (Rating: 13, Comments: 5)

Currently we only have a Flash-based option for audio and video inclusion. These snippets fix that by providing an HTML5-based alternative (which should really be the default by now).

Mp3 and video player (Rating: 11, Comments: 25)

You may want to consider an easier way to do this: MP3, Video

Mail to all moderators (Rating: 3, Comments: 1)

I haven't found a solution so I don't know if this is the proper way to ask the question. Feel free to remove the page if not the appropriate way!

Put comments in the editor that won't show (Rating: 2, Comments: 2)

So my colleague and I needed this function but we could not find it on wikisyntax. The purpose is to put it in a template in order to warn the writer to read some instructions first.

Carousel (Rating: 7, Comments: 18)

Twitter's Bootstrap comes with image carousel functionality built in. This snippet allows you to generate carousels very quickly and easily so that you do not have to look up or memorize Bootstrap's syntax.

Modal Image (Rating: 4, Comments: 2)

This is a variation of the Bootstrap Image Box which transposes images into a Bootstrap modal upon being clicked.

Todo List with Data Forms (Rating: 5, Comments: 1)

A "normal" Wikidot way to make a "Todo List" using a Data Forms _template ( which have to be copied from the snippets here ( or used by include!) and the standard listPages module

Countdown timer (Rating: 13, Comments: 0)

This is a simple countdown timer. I Slightly edited it to fit for the holidays.

Html(embed) code opening in new window/tab (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)

With "html" command ( embed a foreign code) on a page you can insert near all scripts from external suppliers in your wiki-page ( see also snippet Use any html code on a page ).

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